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Sunday, July 12th, 2020


Photo of Maestro

The cat.

"I love these lazy Tuesdays"

Photo of "I love these lazy Tuesdays" Tue Dec 7/04 16:23

Tuckered out from running around the house a bit, chasing ghosts, it's time to crash.

Hello "Baby"

Photo of Hello "Baby" Tue Jun 29/04 15:14

"Baby", the neighbor's cat, drops by to investigate Maestro.  "Baby" is actually quite nasty - try picking it up - it'll wack you a few nice scratches - I tried once.

Heater success with Maestro

Photo of Heater success with Maestro Tue Dec 7/04 16:00

Maestro figured out that the strange new grill gives off warmth.  So he now spends a lot of time near it.

05/08/30 14:05
Photo of Kitty vs mouse

Kitty vs mouse

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