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Wednesday, May 22nd, 2019

Mike's Exbasic

Tuesday January 1, 1985 00:00
Photo of Mike's Exbasic

Extended the existing Basic programming language of the Commodore 64 with 65+ new instructions.  I had to write an assembler / 6502 machine code compiler to let me write assembler source in compressed form, without which I couldn't write a program of this size on the limited amount of memory the C64 provided.  This ambitious project won the Micromasters Holland contest with 1700+ participants back in the mid 80's when I was 17.

Just about anything fun on the C64 normally required a ton of "pokes" and "peeks".  Besides obvious instructions like "border" and "background", I created instructions to handle sprites, sound, and graphics.  The graphics included drawing of lines, circles, fills, rects, etc.  The C64 didn't provide any of the functionality, so I had to figure out efficient ways to draw lines.  No big deal, but still, back then, this was a big deal.

More sophisticated functions included "asin", "acos", "atan", and drawing 3D meshes.

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