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Wednesday, May 22nd, 2019

Bloggoli does surveys

Monday December 20, 2004 14:17

Bloggoli does more than just blogging.  It's an online Content Management System (CMS) with special extensibilities.  It allowed me to provide the customer with their own ability to handle online surveys in a matter of hours.

A client asked if I could host an online survey.  No problem, I created some templates for questions, answers, choices (radio buttons), and slapped together a survey contruction kit in very little time.  The client can construct and adjust the survey at their own leasure, without me having to look after the client's adjustments and tweaking.  The next time someone else needs a survey, I can set them them up with their own construction area very easily.  So I set the price low right away, to pre-empt any competitors, because I can.  Ultimately, if people don't get to benefit from my methods, then no-one will ever know.  Besides, I really don't want to compete at a level playing field, because there're way to many players out there.  If my methods won't work, then I'm in the wrong field.

Bloggoli should perhaps be used as the Blog-version of my content management system, packaged up in a simple to install application.  I'll need to come up with a bigger and better name than Blog-something, for my core system.  Something "Content Management System" perhaps...

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