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Wednesday, December 11th, 2019


Photo of How-To's

A "How To" is a small concentrated document that decribes how accomplish a specific task.  A How-To is often about how to configure software, how to get things to work.

Subversion (SVN) through proxy

Thu Nov 10/05 23:18

Making SVN work through the Squid proxy server needs special settings in the configuration file.

vim, java, ant videotapes

Wed May 11/05 17:43

A vim "errorformat" (efm) setting that makes vim pickup errors output by javac, including the ones where "symbols" are not found.  I couldn't find this anywhere on the internet, so I had to figure it out myself.

Apache user dirs not always working

Wed Mar 2/05 13:18

Even with /home, /home/user, /home/user/public_html properly set, a localhost/~user/ sometimes still doesn't work.  Here's why.

Mysql HowTo 4.1

Tue Jan 18/05 23:09

Who doesn't have trouble installing MySql 4.something?  Strange that such a fine product is so hard to install and configure.

PHP HowTo 4.3.10

Tue Jan 18/05 14:12

This what I have configured at the time of this writing.

Vim + xterm

Sun Jun 19/05 22:22

A few configuration files to get xterm and Vim under xterm to work well.

MPlayer dvd HOWTO

Mon May 9/05 03:27

Here's how to play dvd's using the mplayer.

anonymous cvs hosting

Tue Feb 15/05 23:53

A small and to the point guide on how to configure a cvs server to serve out anonymous read-only access, and optionally ssh based write access.

PHP HowTo 5

Tue Jan 18/05 21:59

How to build and install php 5 on a common Linux installation.  I've had the usual nightmare downloading, unpacking, bumping my head into one issue after another.  I've made notes, which hopefully will be helpful to others.

Basic openssl usage

Tue Jan 18/05 13:41

Basic instructions how to generate private/public key pairs, encrypt and decrypt them.

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