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Saturday, August 8th, 2020


Things about the Linux operating system.

Version control

Photo of Version control Mon Apr 6/09 19:01

CVS, SVN, Hg, Git, VSS.

IceWM enhancements

Improved workspace navigation.


Unix shell scripting.  This language is an integral part of my daily programming ritual.  I use it to customize the command line arsenal, mostly to enhance source code management, and to boost productivity.

Dump Gnome, KDE

Photo of Dump Gnome, KDE Sun May 15/05 22:56

Fed up with the unnecessarily heavy, clunky, bulky, Gnome and KDE?  Step into the land of the lighter side of X Window managers.  Thanks to the Linux/Unix architecture, we easily can.


Photo of How-To's

A "How To" is a small concentrated document that decribes how accomplish a specific task.  A How-To is often about how to configure software, how to get things to work.

Linux Install Issues

My experiences with installing Linux distributions.

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