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Sunday, July 12th, 2020

Fedora Core 4 - 64 bit dual AMD

Thursday August 4, 2005 23:29

On a Tyan dual AMD motherboard (forget version), the 64 bit version of Linux would not install.  Right after the boot prompt, as it is trying to load the installation program, it would crash with a register dump.

Then I found what's called "the garbage workaround".  What you do is, during the boot prompt, instead of typing something like "linux" (or just enter), type some garbage (a few random letters).  It'll complain, and reissue the prompt.  After that, just hit enter.  The installation program now starts properly.  Pretty strange, but it works.

After installation, it's the usual stuff.  I always replace Gnome (or KDE) with IceWM.  I can't stand Gnome and KDE's sluggishness and sloppiness.  I immediately go www.icewm.org and download the latest source from cvs.  I also apply my own custom patch to the source code that lets me navigate multiple workspaces better.  ctrl-tab to flip between odd workspaces, and ctrl-alt-tab to flip between even workspaces.  Works brilliantly.

I also do the other usual stuff:

  • replace caps-lock with ctrl (less wrist rotation during quick typing).
  • install tkcvs, which comes with tkdiff.
  • download and install the latest Firefox and Thunderbird.
  • download and install Java.  Sun's 64 bit AMD version has worked flawlessly so far.
  • download and compile Vim, because the Redhat's packaged Vim text editor doesn't handle the clipboard, because they disabled it.
  • install .Xresources with better colors.  You'll need it to use XTerm.  Gnome-terminal and also KDE's terminal sucks beyond your wildest imagination.  XTerm works very noticably faster.

This system is now way by far the most snappiest smoothest killer Linux monster machine I have ever experienced.  You can build one of these puppies for under CDN$1000 !  My plan is to build another one, and build it into a briefcase for easy portability.  I'd like to replace my turtle Dell Inspiron 9200 laptop with it.

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