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Thursday, April 18th, 2019

Time travel movies

Links to time travel movies:

Timeline (8)

Photo of Timeline (8)

Ebert & Roeper: two thumbs down.  My take: two thumbs up.  A time travel movie in an almost believable medieval settings.

Planet of the Apes (7)

Photo of Planet of the Apes (7)

The new movie version.  Lab monkey takes off, guy follows him through a space storm of sorts, ends up in an alternate reality with ape-master and human-servant.

A little peace and quiet (7)

Photo of A little peace and quiet (7)

An episode from the 80's "The New Twilight Zone".  A woman finds a special sun dial in the yard that can stop all time.  Eventually she has no choice but remain in peace and quiet...

Clockstoppers (5 1/2)

Photo of Clockstoppers (5 1/2)

Don't let the marketing hype fool you.  It's not that good, maybe cute at best.  Very poor acting, teenage lameness, but, it does have that time travel element and some interesting effects.

Time Machine (8)

Photo of Time Machine (8)

Starts off in a fantastic realistic setting.  Interesting effects, then gets a little strange.  Good movie.

Donnie Darko (8)

Photo of Donnie Darko (8)

So mysterious that you'll need to see it at least twice.  Depending on your own interpretation, there is a time travel element.

Primer (6 1/2)

Photo of Primer (6 1/2)

Slightly boring, but still interesting if you're desperate for a time travel movie.

Slipstream (5)

Photo of Slipstream (5)

Can only go back 10 minutes.  Matrix-on-steroids like slow motion gun happy obsession, borderlining pathetic.  Somewhat disappointing, but if you you're desperate...

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