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Saturday, August 8th, 2020


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JavaFX 1.1.1 on Linux

Wed Apr 29/09 00:10

Instruction on how to hack the Mac dmg file.

VT-X hardware virtualization

Thu Apr 23/09 20:42

Just bought an Intel Q8200 quad core CPU and was pissed to discover it is one of the very few chips without the hardware vt-x virtualization support.

Sun of an Open Office

Thu Apr 23/09 09:07

Now with Oracle owning Sun, people are looking what it means to Open Office.

Information overload

Thu Apr 23/09 22:57

Giving an impression of the constant bombardment of knowledge and information that's coming my way.

Xubuntu 9.04

Thu Apr 23/09 15:22

I favor Xubuntu over Ubuntu, because I think XFCE is much better than Gnome.

Oracle buys Sun

Tue Apr 21/09 20:59

After IBM walked away.

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