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Sunday, July 12th, 2020


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Mike at work.


News, blog, and not yet categorized articles.


Hierarchy Oriented Programming.
A hierarchical arranged collection of objects, with parent child relationships.


Photo of Bloggoli

A web based publishing system, including blogs, photo albums, guestbook, wiki style editing, custom pages, etc.  It's fully customizable, and suitable for most common database driven websites.  The CMS (Content Management System) features are strong enough to create a multi-user Blog system with, and strong enough to give web designers edit control to their customers.


Things about the Linux operating system.


Photo of C++

C++ was my choice of programming language from around 1991 until 1997, when I switched my preference to Java.


A productive system to create dynamic websites.  Although the PHP language seems somewhat sloppy and the api's inconsistent, the relatively rich api and the ability to code live, can make developing in it very quick.


Photo of Exslant

"An excellent build system."  Project-XML -> XSL -> build.xml.

Project history

Photo of Project history

An (very) incomplete list of my past projects.


Photo of Java

Java has to be one of the most productive programming languages. Al least, for the types of projects that I'm exposed to. Fairly large applications with small development teams.


Photo of Assembler

I started with assembler in the mid 80's, when it was pretty much required if you wanted to get anything interesting out of the 'home computers' of that era.

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