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Sunday, July 12th, 2020


For the absolute best movie experience, I totally recommend using a projector.  It's cheaper than one of those plasma or lcd tv's, and the screen is way bigger.  For best results, play through your computer, but you can usually hook it up to any video source as well.
Why visit the theater so can you listen to some annoying person eat popcorn in your ear ;-)

Summer Rental

Photo of Summer Rental Thu Apr 21/05 03:35

John Candy.  A simple family outing away from the hustle and bustle?  All kinds of funny and wacky things makes this family's vacation summer cottage rental a rather unusual one.

Office Space

Photo of Office Space Fri Oct 29/04 04:41

Being interviewed by "The Bob's" for a job you already have, you'd have to either be hypnotised, or have "people skills".

They Live

Photo of They Live

The world has been taken over by aliens that look like formaldehyde faces.  But you can't see them because a transmitter project a different reality into people's brains.  Special sunglasses filters out the broadcast, which makes you wake up to a whole different world.

The Incredibles

Photo of The Incredibles Sun Jun 19/05 03:03

An incredibly hilarious computer animated story about the lives of a super-hero family.

Invasion of the Body Snatchers

Photo of Invasion of the Body Snatchers Thu Apr 21/05 03:06

An organism from outer space quietly introduces itself through a strange little plant with a little flower.  These flowers grow to become a duplicate of whoever is sleeping nearby.  Soon, the whole world gets taken over.

Dark City

Photo of Dark City Wed Oct 27/04 19:47

A scifi about aliens that abducted a piece of the world, took it to space, and experiment with its hypnotized humans, unnoticed by all, except the ones that can "tune".

Liar Liar

Photo of Liar Liar

Hilarious comedy about a lawyer that had a spell casted on him by his son.  Being a lawyer that all of a sudden can not lie anymore makes his job very difficult.

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