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Saturday, August 8th, 2020


Photo of Assembler

I started with assembler in the mid 80's, when it was pretty much required if you wanted to get anything interesting out of the 'home computers' of that era.

I've done a lot of machine code for the 6502, 68k, and x86, pretty much the mainstream cpu's for the different era.
Back in those days, every cpu cycle counted, but even today it does too, when you're processing large quantities of data.  I've written a couple of assembler-compilers. I've written applications completely in assembler, such as a music authoring program with real time wave synthesizing, graphics routines, 3D object editors and renderers, and more.
An interesting combination is Java and assembler. When you want to do high performance graphics in Java, it's possible to call machine code directly from Java. I like using the yasm assembler for that.


Photo of ML

"Mike's Language". I was writing a lot of Assembler code, and got a little frustrated how Assembler source code was formatted.  I wrote a parser that let me write code more like C, with function parameters, pushing/popping stack sections, operators, etc.

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