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Saturday, August 8th, 2020

Project history

Photo of Project history

An (very) incomplete list of my past projects.

Java debugger

Tue Jan 1/02 00:00

JDI based Java debugger.  Plugs into the VIM editor.  Step, inspect variables, hotswap, etc.

Zoom Server II

Tue Jan 1/02 00:00

Delivering very large zoomable images over ordinary modem connections, through tiled image layers.

Warping for MGI's VideoWave

Thu Jan 1/98 00:00

Assembler optimized warping algorithm, intended for use in MGI's VideoWave.  (MGI is now Roxio.)

C++ debugger / monitor

Sun Jun 1/97 00:00

Memory corruption detection through software and hardware, COM reference leak detection.

Royal Flush pinball game

Sun Jan 1/95 00:00

Z5, VI clone

Sat Jun 1/91 00:00

VI clone with multiple windows, macros, session save, and a few navigation enhancements.  Used for a number of years as my primary source code editor.

Astound Timeline Interface

Tue Jan 1/91 00:00

Astound (Gold Disk) needed a gui component that lets them draw timelines with scrolling, zooming, editing, moving, etc.  Small contract around 1992.

3D object editor

Mon Jan 1/90 00:00

Ported from an earlier version I made on the Amiga.  I display a grid for each axis, and move them up and down to specify 3D points at the intersection.  Only does solid color polygons.

Javascript server

Tue Jan 1/02 00:00

A server product with templating. Standalone from the ground up, no J2EE.

MGI Virtual Vacation web site

Sat Jan 1/00 00:00

Upload, warp images through applet, email as postcard.  Email signup with verification. Java, JRun.

MGI's PhotoSuite Warping

Thu Jan 1/98 00:00

High performance antialiased warping algorithm.  Custom scripting language controls the warping curves.  Assembler optimized.

MGI's PhotoSuite Bitmap Library

Wed Jan 1/97 00:00

Built on top of underlying COM interface driven graphics functions.  A number of graphic functions.

Tungsten video game

Sat Jun 1/91 00:00

Astound 3D Library

Tue Jan 1/91 00:00

Contributed 3D functions to Gold Disk's Astound.  Gold Disk was renamed Astound at one point.  It's been bought buy ???, and currently do VOIP.

Mike's Exbasic

Photo of Mike's Exbasic Tue Jan 1/85 00:00

Extended the existing Basic programming language of the Commodore 64 with 65+ new instructions.  I had to write an assembler / 6502 machine code compiler to let me write assembler source in compressed form, without which I couldn't write a program of this size on the limited amount of memory the C64 provided.  This ambitious project won the Micromasters Holland contest with 1700+ participants back in the mid 80's when I was 17.

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