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A web based publishing system, including blogs, photo albums, guestbook, wiki style editing, custom pages, etc.  It's fully customizable, and suitable for most common database driven websites.  The CMS (Content Management System) features are strong enough to create a multi-user Blog system with, and strong enough to give web designers edit control to their customers.

Ever played with Blogger (acquired by Google)?  Editing, publishing, and managing articles are painful and confusing, at least, I think so.  The goal with this publishing system is to make it much easier to use.  Once logged in, convenient editing buttons appear.  Editing is done within the context where it's normally displayed.  What's really cool (from a developers perspective), is the way the template pages and custom logic is organized and work together.  Database tables are broken down very cleanly and customizable.  Making new custom templates with specialized content editable is very easy and efficient.  Things like scaling images, storing and deleting them, is taken care of.  A developer simply lists what resources the edit form constists of, and the scaling, storing, and replacing happens automatically.  Edit forms are automatically generated, but is like anything else in this system, overridable with custom behaviour.

There is a lot of commotion surrounding Blog systems like Blogger.  Microsoft recently entered the game too.  All I know is that my system is really suave, and companies that spend tons of resources on constructing their systems, would drool over the way I've done it, HA !
(Seriously though, it's really quite good.)

Implemented features:

  • Templates
  • Wiki style editing (not that flaky HTMLArea wysiwyg thing, which just makes a mess)
  • Edit in context (find the place on the website, click edit)
  • Foolproof usage, suitable for webdesigner's clients
  • Photo albums
  • Guestbook with email notify
  • Feedback
  • Editability of everything
  • Movability of everything
  • Deletion with confirmation
  • Undelete
  • Clean (trashcan like)
  • Sort by date or explicit ordering
  • Recent
  • Menus
  • File uploads
  • Image uploads with automatic scaling to multiple different sizes
  • Special functions to display tables

Bloggoli does surveys

Mon Dec 20/04 14:17

Bloggoli does more than just blogging.  It's an online Content Management System (CMS) with special extensibilities.  It allowed me to provide the customer with their own ability to handle online surveys in a matter of hours.

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